The Texas Penal Code describes stalking as one person on more than one occasion to knowing conducts oneself in a manner that will be regarded as threatening to another person of bodily injury, or bodily injury or death to a member of the family, or against the person’s property.  The actions of one causes another or a member of the other person’s family to fear bodily injury or death or destruction of property.  The actions of one to another person to cause fear of bodily injury or death to other person, bodily injury or death to member of person’s family, or damage to property.

If you feel someone is stalking you contact the police office or the sheriff’s office and file a report.  Feel free to contact our office by using our contact page or by calling (432)263-3312.

So what is stalking?  Stalking is a series of acts by one person to another person.  The acts are harassing (constantly calling you after you have asked them to stop, following you) and make you fear for your safety.  A stalker tries to control a person by keeping the person in a state of constant fear.  A stalker could be a former or current boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse, a casual acquaintance, or a complete stranger.

A stalker may begin by attempting to keep a current relationship from ending, or trying to “get even” for leaving or rejecting him/her.  Or simply be an obsessed admirer who wants your attention and maybe a relationship with you.

Stalking begins as unwanted attention.  Some examples of unwanted attention are constant phone calls or messages, receiving unwanted letters, emails, or gifts, following you, showing up at your home or workplace, spying on you.

Over time, a stalker may become more violent.  You will have feelings that you or your family may be in danger.  Some examples are making threats against you or your loved ones, breaking into your home, damaging your property, or trying to harm you.

How do you help yourself?  How do you aid law enforcement?  The answer to this is to keep and gather as much information as possible.  Example of information are messages on your answering machine, keep of journal of every time the stalker bothered you and how he bothered you, keep threatening or disturbing notes or emails, take photos of any injuries or damages caused by the stalker, and keep a list of names and phone numbers of witnesses.  Also call the police department or sheriff’s office and report the harassment or damages.

What measure can you take to protect yourself?  Change your daily habits.  Become unpredictable.  Examples include parking in well lit areas, vary your routines and driving routes, improve your home security, don’t give home address or phone number, if the stalker approaches while you driving, drive to the nearest law enforcement agency.

Talk to your family, trusted friends, and neighbors.  Do not seclude yourself.  Ask people to watch your house.  Have them call law enforcement if they notice strangers around your home or workplace.


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